Lift-N-Lock gantries are engineered and designed in accordance to AISC and ASME codes. They are tested to the ASME B30.1 Hydraulic Gantry standard.  Gantry re-Certification is available on site or at J&R Engineering's facility.

J&R Engineering's 3 ft. thick test pad is designed and built to the standards of today's nuclear plants heavy haul paths.  With live test weights available on-site of up to 700,000 lbs. (350 Ton) and static test load capabilities of up to 1,500,00 lbs. (750 Ton), just about any requested load testing is possible.  All prototypes are load tested 125-150%.


J&R Engineering Co., Inc., the O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Lift-N-Lock hydraulic boom gantries and related equipment, offers equipment re-certification services. This process involves an initial evaluation of the equipment and verification that all equipment functions operate to specifications. If repair, re-calibration or other services are required to restore the equipment to operating specifications, the customer will be provided with a cost estimate for the parts and labor needed. After completion of any adjustments or repairs, the equipment will be tested for proper operation. Lift-N-Lock gantries will be hydraulically pressure-tested to full system pressure. Upon successful completion of this testing, a Certificate of Re-certification will be issued.

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