Mini Gantry

Finally, there is a Mini Gantry that has the characteristics and quality level of J&R’s patented, proven gantry line.  Many of our exclusive and patented features have been incorporated, resulting in new levels of utility and value


  • Three stage power up and down cylinders with hydraulic counterbalance lock valves.
  • Three stage telescopic boom assembly that protects the lift cylinder from side loading.
  • Planetary self propel direct drive to loaded wheels with motion control brake and free wheeling coasting valves.
  • Steel wheels with 24” guide bar centers.
  • Single beam header plates that rotate and pivot.
  • Synchronized proportional control valve and PLC programming maintain near equal extension between lifting legs regardless of having equal loading.
  • Filtration systems.
  • Powered by Electric Motor, Three Phase, 220-240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hertz.
  • Gantry Height Indicating System measures and displays the vertical stroke of each lift boom simultaneously on each of the gantry legs.  This display meter measures stroke to (0.1) of an inch.
  • Gantry Load Indicating System measures and displays the load on each gantry leg at any time.
  • Manual controls on each gantry leg will operate all functions.
  • Wireless Radio Remote Control Box will operate all functions on the four (4) gantry legs and simultaneously displays the stroke and load of each gantry leg.
J&R Engineering LIFT-N-LOCK® Hydraulic Gantries - Mini Gantry – 7

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