Hydraulic Gantries

j&r lift-n-lock

Hydraulic gantries have become standard equipment in the lifting business today because of their cost effectiveness and project versatility. J&R Engineering LIFT-N-LOCK® Hydraulic BOOM Gantries, with their increased height capabilities and ultimate safety features, require considerably less of an investment than mobile or overhead cranes, and can perform many of the same tasks. Gantries can also work in confined spaces or low overhead areas while remaining mobile and easily transportable.

All J&R Engineering Gantries feature our exclusive LIFT-N-LOCK® cam locking technology, which provides true continual load protection throughout the duration of the lift. In the unlikely event a lift cylinder would lose pressure or otherwise fail, our system will immediately engage to hold the load in place. Select models include our innovative OCTAGON high strength boom design. This has quickly become a popular option. Other Standard features on LIFT-N-LOCK® Gantries include:

Double Acting Cylinders
Oscillating/Rotating header plates
Steel Hydraulic lines
Integral Self Propel w/ customized wheels
Integral Lock Valves
Pressure compensated Controls
Two speed load sensing

Available options include PowerLink powered lift links, Dual Digital Height Indication System, Stabilizer Bars, Sideshift Endtruck Trolley System (S.E.T.S.) and our brand new Powered Rotator Frame.

J&R LIFT-N-LOCK® Hydraulic BOOM Gantries are available with lifting capacities from 75 US ton (68.1t) to 1,800 US ton (1634t) with four lift housings and lift heights from 18 ft. (5.48m) to 100 ft. (39.48m).

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Telescopic Booms

Made of square structural tubing, the heavy steel walls ensure that the lift cylinders will not be hindered by side loading – which can diminish lifting power and cause seals to leak.  The chrome cylinder rods are protected from damage, and Nylatron Slider pads are fitted into all sections to ensure a tight fit, smooth operation, and a rigid boom assembly.

Beam Header Plate

Even when the lifting legs are at different heights and the ground is uneven, the beam header plate holds the lifting plate completely level.  The plate is mounted on a horizontal spherical bearing to allow 360-degree rotation and side-to-side oscillation.

Planetary Self-Propel System

 The PSPS allows the gantry to be propelled on a flat plate or simple channel track.  It eliminates the need for a special track and can be completely disengaged to become freewheeling for tipping and centering loads.

Boom Lift Cylinders

 The integrated double-locking valves of our boom lift cylinders are not subject to hydraulic hose or tubing failures.  Because all stages operate with the same pressure, the gantry is prevented from lifting more than it’s allowable rating.  Mis-staging is also eliminated because the boom takes the side loading.


 J&R’s patented LIFT-N-LOCK® cam lock system ensures that a suspended load is never inadvertently lowered or dropped.  Regardless of whether a lock valve bleeds off or a cylinder loses pressure, the LIFT-N-LOCK® cam lock system will hold the load-indefinitely.

Control Valving

 Pressure-compensating valving gives equal flow to each cylinder, regardless of pressure or load.  Excellent metering gives maximum precision in load movement.  The advance two speed system allows the gantry operator to feel the load as it is lifted.


 PowerLinks - self-propelled beam dollies with a 360-degree swivel lifting lug – are operated from the main control module for propelling across the lifting beams.  The swivel lift lugs allow raised loads to be rotated 360-degrees and makes attaching rigging much easier.

Stabilizer Bar

 Serving as a flexible gusset between the gantry boom and the lift beam, the stabilizer bar increases the side stability of the gantry lift frame.  They are particularly beneficial while propelling the PowerLinks.  The bars are also flexible enough to allow for variations, yet strong enough to add considerable rigidity and stability to any rigging configuration.

Gantry Height Indicating System

 The Gantry Height Indicating System measures and displays the vertical stroke of each boom lift from the control module.  One meter reads from the fully retracted position while the other meter can be reset to zero after attaching the load.  This allows for an accurate reading of load height movement.