Custom Solutions

The Engineers at J&R Engineering have consistently proven that they are up to the task of finding a way to accomplish the job, no matter what the unique challenge may be. Two examples of this are our Powered Rotator and our Sideshift Endtruck Trolley System (S.E.T.S.).

The Powered Rotator was developed in order to afford the continuous 360 degree rotation of the load from the safety of the operator control panel. An additional model, not shown, features a PowerLink trolley underneath the support beams of the Rotator, enabling sideways travel along the beams.

The Sideshift Endtruck Trolley System (S.E.T.S.) was developed in response to a project which involved the placement of storage tanks which were 550 Metric Tons in weight and 60 Meters in length. Due to the size of these tanks, our Engineers needed to design a system which would allow the end pair of gantry housings to be side-shifted off of the track, around the tank, and back onto the track after the completion of each tank placement. Our S.E.T.S. system offered the perfect solution - once each tank reached it's final placement, the S.E.T.S. was hydraulically lowered to the ground, enabling the system to move the housings perpendicularly to the track. The housings were then moved into the proper position to move the next tank and were re-engaged to the track.


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